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Miniature 1906 Westinghouse Table Fans


Superb miniature Westinghouse table fan reproductions in working and non-working versions for dollhouse or stand alone enjoyment. Completely hand built in the same tradition as my miniature antique Shaker Furniture in 1 inch scale. Comes with its own block of ice!


1906 Westinghouse Table Fan

Absolutely perfect miniature reproduction of the first air conditioners! Completely hand constructed in fine polished brass it will make any interior sparkle with reality. It comes complete on its own block of ice in a lovely clear display case  or is easily removed for placement in a room box or interior environment.





Actual original fan



Same attention to perfect detail but this has one of the worlds

  smallest motors perfectly integrated into the miniature fan body. It runs from a specially designed 2-AAA battery control case which easily hides behind a table or other solid piece of furniture. Or just showcase it on a shelf with your other treasures. Due to extremely limited availability of these special motors, this jewel will be limited in number to the available supply. The standard wire length is

12 inches but longer lengths can be special ordered at no

additional cost.