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Miniature Spiral (circular) Staircase 1880 Classical

Miniature Spiral Staircase Miniature Spiral Staircase
Quality curved staircases are hard to find, so when I needed one for my Olde Tool Museum I was forced to make this spiral staircase that would meet my standards. It came out so well that I decided to put it in the line. This unit will work in any 18th,19th or 20th century interior. The step units and railing are cast with solid brass rail supports. This unit is made only to special order to insure that the height will fit your needs exactly and shipped finished, in one piece.


Height as shown with 12 steps is 8 1/4 inches from floor. Each step is 3/4 inches high.

Order here with height needed by email.

as shown $540

$45 per stair finished -including wood railing and solid brass balustrades.








Newly added by popular demand, these two variations represent the demand for Colonial style and Contemporary styling in the circular stair format. Featured here is a display model ofth eColonial stair.As above it is priced at $45 per stair unit finished and including railing and brass balestrades.


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 Here is a very contemporary version sometimes called a floating staircase.


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Hand Hewn Miniature Wood Beams

Hand Hewn Miniature Wood Beams

Hand Hewn Miniature Wood Beams

8 " lengths only - Completely finished with electrical wire groove in back.

$25.00 each