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Doors of San Miguel de Allende


Doors of San Miguel De Allende - Miniature Antique Art Door Reproductions Collectibles


Announcing a limited collector edition hand painted bas relief series of the world famous doors of San Miguel de Allende.

Frame Included


A Limited Edition of Nine Different

Doors not to exceed 25 of each

Each unit measures 8" x 10" x 2" and comes with a battery driven LED night light.

Batteries included.



These doors are known throughout the world as remnants of the Spanish architectural influence in colonial Mexico. Established by a Franciscan priest in about 1540, San Miguel de Allende is located at nearly the geographical center of Mexico and has been protected as the first Mexican National Monument since the early 1900šs . These doors are still as they were when first built, many in the early 1700šs. Behind many of these doors lie wonderful surprises in the form of courtyards of once and sometimes current magnificent gardens and living quarters. Most of the doors depicted in this series of nine are still standing and some have survived over three hundred years of history.

Each piece is cast in composite materials from an original master created by Ken Byers and then meticulously hand finished in original colors by the artist. Every detail has been attended to in the most critical manner to provide the viewer with a true experience of the history and artistic purity of the doors. They are permanently framed in an antiqued faux wood frame and lit from above with a subtile LED light to enhance the dimensionality and detail. Two AA batteries will run it for years. Each door is signed and authenticated on the rear with a certificate of authenticity.

This first series is limited to 25 reproductions of each door and is offered for sale at $375 each. Contact the artist for availability.  

Click here to see the full set of nine Doors of San Miguel de Allende miniature art door reproductions


(frames may differ from photo)

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